Little Things 

People ask me what makes me happy.

Honestly, I don’t think if there’s anything that can just magically makes me happy, fixes all my problems or takes away the pain; but I do believe that doing something as permanent can keep me at a general level.

Treatment. That’s what keeps me going and makes through another day. (The thing I have to say is don’t get rolling untreated, please go see a doctor. Get help!)

It’s all about taking it one step at a time.

When I’m having a really-bad-mood-day, I do “little things or nothing” that distract myself from the bad thoughts.

I watch YouTube video. I read comments on my Instagram posts. I do easy puzzles(under 300 pieces). I take photos. I do some baking. I stare at the plants especially little cactus. I put my headphones on and turn the volume up. I draw or write down whatever I think of/feel on a blank paper. I make phone calls to those I seldom talk to. I drink tons of water(weird though). Most helpful for me is go see my therapists or psych doctor anyway.

Sometimes doing these things are kinda pointless for the situation and these things bring me no happiness, but at the very least, they distract me from constantly thinking about “how I’m feeling”.

Some days, these things might not work out the way I want them to, and when they don’t, sometimes it means I have to accept the fact that I am in a rough path and the only thing I can do is to take a nap and try to sleep through the bad-mood-day.

I’m still learning not to feel guilty for allowing myself have rest, do nothing.

It all depends on the day.
Quote of the day:

“Only When We Are Brave Enough To Explore The Darkness Will We Discover The Infinite Power Of Our Light”-Brene Brown

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