You Hurt Me and I Say Sorry?

You left, so I started to write.

~You threw me into my bed,

again and again,

I hit the wall,

and hurt my bones.

I couldn’t believe it was real,

that things happened more than twice in a year.

Your apologizes are just shining lies hanging up on the sky.

Lies, lies.

Glittery lies.

It’s all your dirty lies.

Sorry means nothing when promises broke.

Nahh, you won’t be able to erase the things that you’ve done, and neither the shameful feelings you left inside my soul.

~It’s your fault,

I blame you for this,

you drag me out of my world,

and tossed me in unsafe.

You left me alone even though I told you I was afraid.

Mom, come home,


before it’s too late,

before there’s nothing left.

Come home,

to make your little girl safe,

to make everything okay.

~I swallow my feelings and purge my heart out.

Soul bruised, with every word you say.

Feet sore, with every step I take.

Lungs hurt, with every breath I breathe.

Heart aches, with all the shame I taste.


a sigh of relief,

when can I leave?

What am I supposed to say,

when I’m all chocked up and you’re okay?

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