Voices of insanity.

They scream,

Scream inside my head.

How can I ignore something,

Something only I can hear?

How to get over something,

Something you said isn’t real?



What is real and what is not?

I’m drowning in an ocean full of unrecognized,


Run away.

Please let me escape,

From my own mind.

3 Comments Add yours

    1. healinggugu says:

      Yes I think I used to love traveling, but somehow it changes, just as a lot of things that I used to enjoyed, they slowly became major stressful events for me, and easily trigger me with sad/bad memories……


      1. Michael says:

        Yap, it really made us panic when we felt uncomfortable about something or someone. However, an open, natural and wild environment might be good for us to release bad memories and pressures. The sophisticated society is quite ease to make us nervous, and let’s find a way out.


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